BSP Rewards' Co-Branded Partner Program

Reward Your Customers, Strengthen Your Brand!

BSP Rewards hosts more than 2000 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, who have customers in 100 countries worldwide. Our Partner Programs serve all market sectors and industries from financial institutions to telecommunications, sports teams to charitable organizations. Your company or organization can easily integrate our e-commerce solution into your marketing platform without any disruption to your core business operations. There is no reason not use our global shopping program as everyone worldwide is already shopping online today! It’s a safe bet that your entire community is already shopping online, why shouldn’t you take advantage and earn from this same shopping?

The BSP Rewards Partner Program is your gateway to the prestigious, consumer-centric Ominto shopping technology platform that provides participating organizations a professional, reliable co-branded web presence. The BSP Rewards Partner Program makes it easy for companies and organizations to offer their customers, fans, donors, vendors and employees valuable Cash Back, discounts and coupons on qualifying purchases while they share in the revenue driven by those customer purchases.

BSP Rewards creates new funding avenues for non-profit organizations, remaining consistent with their brand and image and complementing the organization’s existing fundraising efforts. Donors appreciate that the non-profits they support are putting money “back into their pocket”.

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Thank you for your interest in the BSP Rewards Partner Program. BSP Rewards Partner Program Management Team is divided to cover specific areas of the world. Please submit your comments or questions by completing the form below including your country of residence in the body of your email. The appropriate Management Team member will respond, if required.

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